Get'M Garage

This Stop was deisgned to be used on TB1400 & TB1600 GET'M Garage Carbs with 2 oval blades and bore centerline of 2 1/4", oval bore is 2.200".

This Stop is a Billet Aluminum Stop with bearings instead of bushings and tends to be a high HP Stop. Dyno tests show no HP loss over setups without a Stop. Initial testing on Mark Grame's S/C Dragster produced times of 8.90 at over 190 mph. Mark also won the 2018 NHRA Topeka National Open using TB1600 GET'M Garage Carb and DA-10PK #1 Stop.

This Stop fits dominator bolt pattern intakes. A #1 Stop Adapter Stop (DP-5PK) will fit GET'M Garage TB1000 & TB1200 carbs and will mount on both 4150 and 4500 manifolds.

DA-10PK $800.00