Flow Control Confusion

It has come to my attention that there is some confusion on flow controls on #1 Stop Air Stops (sometimes referred to as "Bleed Valves"). The confusion is that you should set them to open in 1.00 second. This is not correct. You need to open (and close) your Stop quicker than 1.00 second per inch of cylinder stroke.

Because #1 Stop air cylinders are 1" total stroke and you do not use all the stroke, you need to open quicker than 1 second. (Note: If you use .75" of stroke you need to open quicker than .75 second.) Normally, .4 to .5 second opening is a great starting position. (Closing normally .1 to .2 is a good starting position) Remember, flow controls are adjusted on the exhaust port of the cylinder. (Free flow in, control flow out.) If your Stop is set-up opening (or closing) too slow, it can be inconsistent.

If you are set-up correctly on a single cylinder (2 air lines), stop, and are still spinning tires on the open, try shifting on time (approx. 1.00 second is a good starting point). If you are still spinning the tires, consider using a 3 Stage Stop and opening up in 2 stages. (Full stop, intermediate stop, and wide open)