Tech Alerts

A customer with a Stinnett Stop changed motors with a taller intake manifold. That made his carburetor virtually rubbing the top of his hood scoop. The S/G car would not run consistently from the 8th mile on. After trying several fixes, we cut the spacer out of the bottom of his Stop which we do for S/G cars with no room for the spacer. After that the car ran well and ran 167 mph in S/G. Evidently the carburetor could not get air in so close to the hood scoop. Rule of thumb is that you have 2" from the top of the carburetor to the hood scoop. Questions call 319-277-5290.
A customer believed his throttle stop was acting inconsistently. We replaced the throttle stop. The 60 ft. problem did not go away. Upon further analysis found an RPM Chip on the line varying from 5100 to 5400, making the 60 ft. inconsistent. We replaced the Chip and put the original Stop on and everything is back to normal.For more info.
We had a customer with a throttle stop issue. 60 ft. was not consistent. Because he had a TPS Switch on his #1 Stop, we were able to determine the Stop was not coming on consistently. Problem was determined that his CO2 Regulator low side pressure was varying. We replaced the CO2 Regulator. Consistency returned. He went 4 rounds at Topeka before red lighting in the 5th round. For more info contact
At Topeka Double Points Race I found several #1 Stop customers with air cylinders that needed to be replaced. Also, found flow control adjusters set too slow that caused inconsistency. We recommend replacing cylinders every four to five years. Questions on settings give us a call.
At Indy Points Race, I found several #1 Stop Electric Stops wired incorrectly. The source for the Throttle Stop needs to be a 10 GA wire going to a major battery wire. Such as starter solenoid. In hot conditions, it takes more amperage to open the electric stop. This may cause the stop to open slower which means that your timer changes will not be accurate. Questions please contact us 319-277-5290.
Since PRI I have been working on prototype Stops and a short Mexican vacation. Have shipped prototype Stops for Gary Williams and BLP Extreme Carburetors and are waiting to hear back results. Also, shipped prototype Stop for Trevor Wiggins at Get'M Garage. Will keep you informed on the results, both Dyno and Track.
A racer had been chasing a 60 ft. problem. Thought it was Stop related. Data logger would not download for the first few races. Data logger was fixed. It was found that his MSD Chip on the line would change from 5100 to 5500 occasionally. That would change his 60 ft. So it was not a Stop problem. More info go to