K&N Air Filter Stops

11x6DG fits Dominator Base $139.95
1x6SG fits 4150 Holley Base $139.95

This #1 Stop Air Filter features a 2" tall spun aluminum base. A K&N 11" dia. x 6" tall filter (filters from 2" to 8" are also available) and an 11" Extreme Top fits most S/C Dragster Scoops

11B6T x 9.5D $95.00

#1 Stop Air Filter 11B6x9.5D is a K&N 2 ply non-oiled high-flow filter to fit tapered scoop trays. Its comes complete with stainless steel stud and mounting hardware. The base is available for 4150 Holley (5 1/8 dia.) and 4500 Holley (7 5/16) dia.). The filter has an 11" dia. base tapering to a 6" dia. top and is 9.5" tall. The spun aluminum base is 2" tall.

11" Filter Base is 2" tall and fits Dom Carb (7 5/16" dia.)
Clears most tapered side scoop trays
11xD Base $30.00

11" Filter Base is 2 1/2" tall and fits 5 1/8" carb inlets (4150 Holley carbs)
Clears most tapered side scoop trays
11xS Base $30.00


We stock a large amount of K&N Race Filters in 9", 11" and 14" diameters with chrome tops and Extreme Filter Tops. The Bases fit 4150 style Holley's and 4500 Holley Dominators. The 9" dia. filters are available in 2" to 10" tall. The 11" dia. filters come in 2 1/2" to 8" tall. The 14" come in 2 5/16" to 6" tall. Call for info to fit your application and space requirements. We have been sizing K&N Race Filters since 1991 and guarantee our selection will not hurt the performance of your vehicle.